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Illustration & Design for Print, Film, eBooks, the Internet
and Themed Entertainment.
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General Illustration/Design

neptune   castle faerie   fish combo

the brute   dream time   art type

rusted logo   jpi logo   arizona sunset

mcnally logo   tequila   computer bug

desert publishing   batman forever   ancient aliens

the grey   hussong¹s cantina   robot

  alpha 4 detention


serpent arch front   serpent arch side   serpent arch top

six flags attitude   serpent arch color   mayan office

jungle environment   starport 2045   harley display

indoor waterfall   starport snackbar   simulation theater

theater entrance   photo render 1   photo render 2

professor¹s living room

Audio-Animatronics, Simulation Theaters, etc.

haunted circus   kool kats   orc captain

mca ringmaster   adventure lagoon   robot rhoda

neb queen   the navigator   ice man

Story Boards

overboard/pirate gold   preshow/pirate attack   weather cowboys

"Creative excellence is the foundation for all wonderment, laughter, and learning."
Chuck Larson

Character Concept Design/Development for Audio-Animatronics, Film and Print applications. Environmental and Themed Architectural Design (interior & exterior) for Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers, Simulation Theaters, Mixed Use Developments, Museums/Science Centers, Animal Habitats and Nature Centers. Storyboards. Website Branding and Illustrative Logos.

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